1st Container Modular

Our Team History

Lead the first presentation for the CA Dept of State Architect to assess the viability of container structures for the state of CA, including schools, libraries, parks, municipal buildings

First submission for PC (pre check) at DSA for CA shipping container Classrooms
• 1st Collaboration with the state regulatory authority for documenting the acceptance and criteria allowing shipping container construction 

• 1st State Approved container classroom and installation 1-Story

• 1st State Approved container classroom and installation for 2-Story

 • 1st County Building Department Approval and installation for a 2-Story Container home 

• 1st Multi story Affordable Container Housing Project approval and installation

 • Designed and implemented manufacturing processes, stations and systems for the fabrication of repurposed container modules

• Managed  the modular manufacturing process including: contracts, design process, regulatory, supplies, materials, procurement and logistics for delivery

• Integrated the Hybrid process of a site built project with a modular building application

• Created the flow and conveyance for containers in a factory from entry to exit to pre delivery

• Created assemblies and sub assemblies necessary for the entire manufacturing process, including
tooling, equipment and templates